Pre-Owned Boats
Have a look at some used houseboats available for sale by their owners.

Used Houseboats For Sale

Fleet Boats

A note on Fleet Boats:

The following boats are currently in the Twin Anchors rental fleet. These boats may be purchased any time but most must remain in the fleet from May through September. Some exceptions apply. alternately you can leave the boat in the fleet, enjoy some personal use and the income your boat generates. This may not apply to all boats listed. Please inquire.

2003 Sasha May CCIII
Beam: 16'" Length: 63'



2004 Happy Hours CCII
Beam: 14'6" Length: 56'


Lots A Knots
Beam: 14'6" Length: 60'


2001 CCII Cabin Fever
Beam: 14'6" Length:60'


2007 CCIII Morty I
Beam: 16" Length: 70'

Boats Currently For Sale by Owner

The following boats are non-fleet boats, currently for sale by their owners
Plum Krazy

2009 Plum Krazy Custom CC
Beam: 17' Length: 80'


Hotel Munchkin

2000 Hotel Munchkin
Beam: 16' Length: 56'



Beam: 14'6" Length: 56'


2005 Minto Ellen
Beam: 14'6" Length: 56'


Mirage 54 "Natalia"
Beam: 14'6" Length: 54'

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